What’s Your Rashi?

Aditya Krishna
4 min readMar 15, 2018

Zodiac themed #LineProject is my first pet-project of this year 2018.

I started this project to understand how each zodiac signs is characterised, I know astrology is an ocean but still I tried my hands on it.

One of the enduring questions in my attempts to understand people is how we can simplify our understanding of people and also how we can categorise them, putting them into buckets so we can predict and hence know how to interact with them.

Most of the zodiac characters are those with whom we associate, forming a bond through which we vicariously share their experiences. We also get a sense of their attributes which we would perhaps like to have more of ourselves.
Few are Heroic, Wise, Innocent, Faithful, Villainous, Foolish, Selfish, Enforcers, Rebellious and so on and so forth.

People do change with circumstance.

Assessing personality of people through zodiac signs is very useful as it helps understand them, their traits, biases and their preferences, and hence how they may be convinced.

I would like to stress the point that this Astrology/ Psychology stuff is just a numbers game. Understanding personality helps, but does not allow 100% predictions.

Hope you liked this project.

Why I do this?

Getting involved in pet projects can be a great source of motivation for creative people. It’s much more than just hobbies. In a time where so many people are talkers and so few are doers, pet projects can be the factor that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Sometimes these projects feel like a time suck. But its a great creative exercise.

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