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Bumpy Ride To Sunny Side:

Aditya Krishna
7 min readDec 28, 2017

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December is here again and the year is coming to a close even though it feels like it was January 2017 only yesterday. It’s been a busy/ bumpy year, full of exciting changes!

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming 2018, It could be exciting and dramatic but I’ll be ready to shine a spotlight on whatever happens.

Bumpy Ride:

My life is nothing but a series of ups and downs. In 2017,

I left a company which made me so comfortable.

Hopped 3 companies in a year.

Few people disowned me for doing what I liked.

Because we are human beings and we would have gained haters. We cant make everyone happy and we don’t need to, we are not responsible for everyone. We all have flaws and maybe some people don’t like that but that is their problem. Trying to get better is not the solution just don’t live to make others happy.

How we deal with them is what makes us different.

There will be times you rise up, times you are the center of attention, where you feel like you are on top of the world and then there will always be those times where you are headed straight for the ground, and it feels like you’ll never be able to drive back up that steep road.

We need to do what’s best for us, and even if it hurts someone else, someone who we love; we need to know that overall – we are really are doing what’s best. Your friends might not be your friends forever, people get in fights, things change but it’s up to you to make things right again. I know it’s going to be hard but its life. We are all learning and living it.

One thing in life is a pretty sure bet. If you haven’t been in a really difficult situation, or you’re not currently in one, then there is probably one waiting for you right around the corner!

Sunny Side:

As the end of the year approaches, I want to take a moment to review my projects which helped me learn/ improve my creative abilities.

One of the best ways to overcome difficulties is to look on the bright side. Even in the midst of my little crisis.

We just need to keep on hanging on. Even if it’s just by a fingernail.

1. Love Project

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

2. 36 Dirty Secrets

Fantasies are intended to empower your senses, break down barriers, and offer you a risk-free glimpse into a world fueled with intense energy unlike any other. It is a place where your most profound, darkest, and kinkiest desires are enlivened. The thing is, many of us choose to leave these fantasies exactly where they are: in our imagination.

3. 47 Days Of Devanagari type

For anyone who looks at new script or letters is a form of distortion and until you understand we couldn’t read what’s in there, but art allows us to see the invisible layers of meaning that we experience in our everyday lives but are hidden or subliminal. In that way, art reveals to us important secret that most of The Beauty Lies In Distortion.

4. Title goes here

The most important ingredients to create a successful design journey is to start with good people, to make something solving peoples problem, and to spend as little more time as possible.

Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. Actually that’s a good quality to have. You are not a super human, you can only deliver what you see, read and observe and nothing beyond that. Everyone has a limitation and you must understand that the creativity is not a competition.

5. Summer Project

It’s almost like the weather is making up for forcing us all indoors all winter by keeping the warm weather sun out longer during the summer. And it’s a good thing, too: With all the sports and vacations and get-togethers we have planned, we’re going to need those extra daylight hours.

When we think of childhood Summers, we think of balmy nights chasing fireflies, walking barefoot on hot sand, and hours of fun that didn’t cost a thing. Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean we have to drop a ton of money to celebrate our favorite season!

6. The Self Obsessed Me

The biggest hurdle in this exercise is moving past whether you feel you are creative or not. So, let’s start from a place of feeling like you already know and believe yourself to be creative and have interesting skills you want to express.

This will help you begin to more closely identify with the creative part of yourself that wants to be a bigger part of your daily expression.

7. Tough Time Makes You Tougher

One reason why people feel stuck is because they don’t have a clear thoughts on how to rid of the problems; they don’t really know where they want to go. Spending time on getting clear about what you want to achieve will help you get there sooner.

Today I’ve realised that seeking someone’s help won’t work all the time, sometimes you have to directly get into action.

8. Russian Diaries

You can love any country but you can never love the country as much as you can miss them. Each time I travel, I come out of it a little stronger, and at some point I realize that there are more pain of leaving something behind.

Also I became really interested in the idea of what it would be like to live entirely out of one bag for a while. The purpose is to evaluate my own connections to spending money on possessions, how living like that might alter one’s finances, and whether shifting to a much more minimalist lifestyle could actually work.

9. Pattern Project

Patterns Make Life Beautiful What can make life so wonderfully delicious — a spectacle for the senses — is when we start to notice the world around us in new ways. Creativity is all about seeing things differently. It is easy to surround yourself with people who think in the same ways, believe the same ideas, and live life in similar patterns.

We have been trained to think of patterns. It is easier and lazier that way but, of course, all nonsense. In truth, the right way to begin to think about the pattern is to forget perfectionism. Ultimate pattern contains its own fixity.

The most basic way to get someone’s attention is this: Break a pattern.

10. Inktober: Why should humans have all the fun

I started imagining a parallel universe where animals were the dominant species. Well that’s the theme of my Inktober series of illustrations that are designed to get you to think differently about the way that animals live.

Imagine a parallel universe where animals were the dominant species, and they treated us like the human race treats them. Pretty scary thought right? In my sketches I’ve tried to add humour as much as I can.

Animals have no complicated personality and so they can’t be manipulative, dishonest or evil like a human, they can be manipulative, some primates can be, but not like us.

11. Nizhal Kadhalan

Nizhal Kadhalan series is purely an experiment to convey stories through shadows.

There is strong shadow where there is much light.
Our shadow, contains all the parts of ourselves that we have tried to hide or deny, the parts we believe are not acceptable to our family, friends and, most importantly, ourselves.

It is made up of everything that annoys, horrifies or disgusts us about other people or about ourselves. It holds all that we try to hide from those we love and all that we don’t want other people to think about us or find out about us.

Accept the fact that life is not a perfectly smooth ride. The road will sometimes have bumps and potholes and sharp turns.

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Aditya Dhotre is a self-taught designer who specialises in visual design, He is fuelled by curiosity and passion for design, technology and life.

When he is not busy breaking down design, he works on pet projects and short films.

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