30 Harsh Realities of Shadow Lover

#NizhalKadhalan series is purely an experiment to convey stories through shadows.

In Psychology, The Shadow represents our alter ego. Our shadow, contains every one of the parts of ourselves that we have attempted to stow away or deny, the parts we believe are not adequate to our family, companions and, in particular, ourselves.

“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”

Photo Courtesy: Ashok Saravanan Ay


Pet Projects can be a great source of motivation for creative people. Its much more than just hobbies. In a time where so many people are talkers and so few are doers, pet projects can be the factor that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.


Instagram Fest by a renowned photography club in the city called Chennai Weekend Clickers.

Special Mentions

It won’t be fair if I fail to mention few people who inspired me through out the #CWCInstafest series.

We are all different. It doesn’t matter what you did or where you were; it matters what you’re doing. The more you fill your mind with positivity, the more you attract great things into your life.

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